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T.O. Is Not a Villain, He’s Just an Idiot

The greatest villains of all-time; Darth Vader, Michael Myers, the Joker, Terrell Owens? 

You do have to give T.O. credit, he hasn’t played a football game in over a year, but people are still talking about him. His most recent comments that the media made him into a villain, are nothing more than typical T.O. Yes Terrell, of course it’s the media’s fault…

“A lot of general managers bought into the fact that the media thinks that I’m this bad guy, this rebel guy, this disruptive guy that divides and messes up team’s chemistry. They won’t allow me to turn over a new leaf. They won’t allow me to be a better person. Anytime anything is brought up about me, they keep talking about things that happened five, six, seven years ago. Why don’t I get a pass? I’ve kind of fallen into that villain category and I can’t get out of that box,” he told KESN-FM 103.3.

The media has only done one thing to T.O. over the years, they’ve simply exploited the fact that he’s an idiot. From his days yelling at coaches in San Francisco, through his feud with Donovan McNabb, and up to ‘that’s my quarterback.’ Yes, they’ve been there for it all.

Look, I like T.O. the football player, he’s one of the best receivers of all-time, but his actions have always overshadowed his play. That’s not the media’s fault, not one bit. He could have shut his mouth years ago, and just stayed being Terrell Owens, but he didn’t, and his ego gave birth to T.O.

The unfortunate thing for Owens, is that it’s simply too little too late. No one cares anymore, you don’t get sixth chances. The reality is that he’s 38 years old, and not even a year removed from ACL surgery. He’s just going to have to deal with it, and hope this Arena League gig works out, because no one is going to feel sorry for him. If he’s lucky, with a good showing in the Arena League, maybe he will at least get a workout with an NFL team this summer.

I will give T.O. credit, the last couple years, we haven’t heard even a peep from him. It’s mostly due to the fact he played in Buffalo and Cincinnati, but none the less, not a peep.

I believe that he can still play, and I’d love to see him come back and prove everyone wrong. It’s just at this point, who really wants to take that chance? The best team for T.O. would be the Patriots, but they may already have an old, character issue ridden receiver, coming back to town. Owens has to go to a team with a veteran quarterback and coach, who won’t tolerate any shenanigans.

It would take a lot, but maybe with one more great season and a ring, maybe, then I will at least give T.O an honorable mention as one of the great villains of all-time.

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