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TCU CB Kolby Griffin Says Rumor About 82 Failing Drug Test is False

News broke today that as many as 82 players on the TCU football team have failed a drug test, but one of their players came forward to dispel those rumors.

The story emerged after the arrest of 17 people on TCU’s campus that were caught selling drugs, four of which were TCU football players. One of them, Devin Johnson, apparently told an undercover cop that 82 players failed a surprise drug test given by coach Gary Patterson.

Kolby Griffin, corner back, posted on his Twitter account Wednesday, dispelling the rumors.

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TCU released a statement that said, among other things, that they test their athletes “on a regular basis.” This is in no doubt a response to the surprise drug test given by Patterson, who said it was done because a recruit told him he wouldn’t attend TCU because of the drug use.

TCU’s statement also added:

“The comments about failed drug tests made by the separated players in affidavits cannot be verified simply because they were made in the context of a drug buy.”

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