Kim Kardashian's Recent Athlete Adventures

By Riley Schmitt

With the recent news that Kim Kardashian has set up a date with Jeremy Lin, I’ve decided to list Kim’s money grubbing tactics over the last month or so.  If you don’t think Kardashian only wants money, check out this list.

Tim Tebow:  The Jeremy Lin before the real Jeremy Lin, if you will.  Thankfully, Tebow’s morality came into play here.  If he would’ve dated Kardashian, the Internet would have exploded.  Christians would have cried and ESPN would turn into a reality show filming the couple.  Thanks for being smart, Tim.

Mark Sanchez:  This was more of a fling than a date.  Rumors flew that Kardashian had began hooking up with Sanchez right after her marriage ended.  I wonder what Kate Upton thinks of this.

Kobe Bryant:  Right after Kobe and his wife Vanessa divorced, rumors flew that Kardashian was interested in the Lakers guard.  Nothing came out of it, thankfully.  Kobe is trying to get back with his wife, so Kimmy K had to look at Lin.

And there you have it.  Jeremy Lin will be the fourth athlete that Kardashian has tried to date in the last month.  There is something completely wrong with that family.

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