VID: Yes, Ultimate Tazer Ball is a real thing.

By Kris Hughes

Yes, Ultimate Tazer Ball is a real thing.

In this bizarre mashup of soccer, football, and well, tazers, two teams of four players each armed with a tazer do battle with an oversized soccer ball and try to score in the opponents’ goal.

The players use what they claim to be low-grade stun guns, but still, these are stun guns.


There are four teams in the league:  the LA Nightlights, the Philly Killawatts, the Toronto Terror, and the San Diego Spartans (apparently the San Diego owners didn’t get the memo).

At a minimum, this “sport” will thin out the gene pool as these morons go to battle with weapons that police officers use to subdue rowdy offenders.

For those of you who have seen the Mike Judge classic Idiocracy, here is further proof.


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