Jerry Jones bids $1 million for Muhammad Ali's boxing gloves

By Kris Hughes

Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday celebration drew heavy hitters from several industries– not just professional sports– to Las Vegas this past weekend.

One of these heavy hitters was omnipresent Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who went toe-to-toe with Lorenzo Ferttita, co-owner of the UFC, in a bidding war for a pair of Ali’s boxing gloves.  As initial bidding wound down, Fertitta was named the winner of the gloves– worn by Ali during a 1965 fight with Floyd Patterson– with a $750 thousand dollar bid.

On the side, however, Jerry Jones had placed a bid of $1 million into the competition which kept things alive. This bid makes plenty of since for Jones, given his efforts to bring more high-profile boxing events to Cowboys Stadium (not so affectionately known in some circles as “Jerry World”) have escalated in recent months.

Upon Jones’ $1 million bid, Fertitta placed the winning bid of $1.1 million to take home the pair of gloves once worn by Ali.

This bidding war by two of the sports worlds heaviest hitters would have been a sight to behold. Jerry Jones doesn’t like losing and you have to figure that the thought crossed his mind to outdo Fertitta and place a bid of well, maybe $1.2 million.

I think $1.1 million is probably enough for 12 pounds worth of leather and padding, regardless of who wore the gloves in which fight. Although, the proceeds went to charity, so maybe both big wigs could have opened their pockets a little more.

We all know they have it to give, and there are plenty of charities out there which could use a boost in our poor economic climate.

Jerry Jones is a competitor, this time he just fell a little short. It’s never a good idea to count him out too often though, I wouldn’t want to challenge him in similar circumstances down the road.

That’s for sure.

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