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LaRon Landry is Insanely Swole; Too Big for Football?

Washington Redskins safety LaRon Landry had his last two seasons cut short due to injury, but he’s apparently been working out while not playing football. He posted the above picture of himself on his Twitter account, @mrlandry30, in an effort to draw suitors this off-season (he’s a free agent) or appear in the next issue of Bloodwars Magazine.

Despite his injuries, Landry is an excellent safety. He’s a hard-hitter that can sniff out the run quicker than a bloodhound on a jailbird trail. He’s virtually becoming the next Bob Sanders – an elite safety that hits hard, but can’t stay on the field.

Still, Landry’s incredible physique won’t go unnoticed, whether it be on or off the football field. Teams like the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons and New York Giants (to name a few) could use a high-profile safety to bolster their weak pass defenses. However, Landry may be too swole now to move on the football field…

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