NCAA President: Eight Team Playoff Possible

By Derek Kessinger

NCAA President Mark Emmert appeared on Denver’s 850 KOA yesterday and talked about many of the initiatives he is pushing as the new president. He appeared on Broncos Announcer Dave Logan’s show, which also features former Denver Post columnist Dave Kreiger. Emmert stated that he believes some sort of playoff will emerge by the end of the summer.


Emmert, who assumed the role of President 22 months ago, pointed out the 1A football is the only NCAA sport without a championship. He said that while the BCS seemed like a good first attempt after no real championship, more work needed to be done if the conferences felt that was the best direction going forwards. As he pointed out, it’s not like the NCAA doesn’t know how to run championships.

In an article posted by Kreiger on 850KOA, Emmert had this to say about the championship:

“I think we’re likely to see some significant change to the BCS or movement toward a four- or maybe even an eight-team playoff system, but we’ll have to wait and see. It will probably be decided this spring and into the summer. There’s a good probability that we’ll get some kind of model like that, I think.”

Emmert also talked about the subject of compensation to athletes. He mentioned that the NCAA approved a measure that allows athletic departments to guarantee multi-year scholarships. He said that adding a stipend to student athletes would mean cuts from other areas of the athletic department. Because many of the athletes come from situations of poverty, he understands why they are susceptible to boosters.

Emmert also is actively pursuing transparency in the organization:

“I’ve been focusing on the integrity questions,” he said, “making sure that our rules actually make sense and that we apply them in ways that promote the kind of behavior that we’d all like to see around college sports.”

For NCAA fans, any news of a new playoff system is a relief especially after this years poorly rated BCS Championship. An Eight team playoff would definitely add a new flavor to bowl season.

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