Video: Minor League Outfielder Logan Schafer Turns Miraculous Triple Play

By Bryan Lutz
When I was 13, I hit into a walk-off triple play, which was easily the most frustrating moment in my Little League career. When Clint Robinson smoked a fly-ball to center field, he – and the runners on base – were thinking about extra bases. However, the center fielder, Logan Schafer, had other ideas.

Schafer runs down the flyball, deflects it with his glove, then his head, and makes the grab. It doesn’t match the significance of DeWayne Wise’s perfect-game saving catch a few years back, but it is quite highlight reel.

The video is from 2011, and features Kansas City Royals’ outfielder, Lorenzo Cain. But dangit, I miss baseball, and I – like probably many of you – haven’t seen it before.

Thanks to TopProspectAlert for the video.

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