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Rumor: Broncos QB Tim Tebow Approached To Appear on ABC’s The Bachelor

The long-running ABC series The Bachelor captivates crowds across the country with its pursuit of one well-heeled bachelor by many attractive and motivated females.

I for one, don’t understand the appeal of the show, but it’s obvious I am neither the show’s demographic, nor the general rule.

Rumor has it Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has been approached by ABC to star in the Bachelor sometime in the near future. Access Hollywood Live host Chris Harrison announced that Tebow had indeed been approached by ABC on last night’s episode of the entertainment news show.

The fact he has allegedly been approached doesn’t suggest by any means Tebow would consider the show– this assumes he is single in the first place. Given the outward persona of the Broncos quarterback, if he is dating someone there’s little to no chance he would go on a television dating show.

Don’t count your blessings just yet ladies, I’m doubting that we’ll see #16 anywhere on television anytime soon apart from in pads and a helmet.

Just a hunch.