Report: Randy Moss Signs with San Fransisco 49ers

35-year-old free agent wide receiver, Randy Moss, visited San Fransisco on Monday, to tryout for the 49ers. Moss, who hasn’t played in the NFL since 2010, caught passes from head coach Jim Harbaugh, not quarterback Alex Smith. The new NFL season does not officially begin until Tuesday, which means that team quarterbacks are not yet allowed to throw to potential free agents in a workout. Harbaugh, a member of the Indianapolis Colts ring of honor, played 13 seasons at the quarterback position in the NFL. Harbaugh must have felt good with his passes to Moss, because the 49ers signed the wide out to a 1-year deal shortly after.

Moss took a year off from the NFL, after a tumultuous 2010 season, which saw him traded from the New England Patriots, picked up for the second time in his career by the Minnesota Vikings, then quickly cut and eventually signed by the Tennessee Titans. Moss played three seasons in New England, and made his only career Super Bowl appearance with the Patriots, losing and undefeated season to the New York Giants, in Super Bowl XLII. Moss was traded in week four of the 2010 season, and played less than a month in Minnesota. Moss was picked up on waivers by Tennessee, but started only four games and made only six catches as a Titan.

As a 49er, Moss joins a receiving core in desperate need of a deep threat. Micheal Crabtree has not played up to expectations, and tight end Vernon Davis has been the only pass-catcher in San Fransisco to make an impact since Jerry Rice and Terrel Owens. Moss is a seven-time Pro Bowler and was a member of the NFL 200os All-Decade team.

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