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Video: Missed Call Potentially Cost St. Bonaventure Against Florida State

It has not been a good NCAA Tournament to be a referee. The refs from the UNC-Asheville/Syracuse game were awful and there’s been bad calls on Friday. First, the refs missed a foul on Alabama’s final shot that would have given them three free throws when they were down one.  Now, thanks to Connor Nolte, we can see the refs missed a call at the end of the St. Bonaventure-Florida State game.

Florida State player Okaro White stepped over the endline while attempting to inbound the ball.  This is a violation and it would have given the Bonnies the ball back down three.  Instead, Florida State inbounded the ball and was able to shoot free throws.

I’m not advocating for total instant replay, but I wouldn’t mind adopting it for the last two minutes like the NBA.  These tournament games have had some bad human error calls at the end and it is hurting the overall product.