Northern Illinois Linebacker Faces Felony Charges for Knocking Down Toledo Band Member

Jamaal Bass, a redshirt freshman linebacker for the Northern Illinois Huskies, has been indicted in Ohio and is facing both misdemeanor as well as felony assault charges for allegedly running into and knocking down Toledo band members as his team was taking the field in a game this fall.

In the below video, you can see Bass (No. 6) in the lower right hand corner run shoulder first into one band member, knocking another to the ground.

After the incident, the Huskie’s head coach apologized to the Toledo band, and told them that he was “embarrassed.”

Bass was given a one-game suspension, which was later extended to three games, but it appears that Bass is still in school and that his status with the team remains the same.

If convicted, he could receive the maximum penalty, which is 8 years in prison.

Eight years doesn’t seem to fit the crime in this particular situation, though I doubt he receives the maximum punishment when it’s all said and done.

Nonetheless, Bass’s actions were stupid and irresponsible, and while eight years seems steep, he does deserve some form of punishment.




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