Report: Alex Smith Has Deal In Place With The San Francisco 49ers

By Steven Resnick

Ridiculous is one word to describe the San Franciso 49ers interest in free agent quarterback Peyton Manning! Fortunately for the 49ers, Manning chose to take his talent to the Denver Broncos. Yet, with the interest it did drive a wedge into the relationship with Smith and the 49ers more specifically head coach Jim Harbaugh who last season was singing a much different tune in regards to Smith.

According to the article by Matt Maiocco, Smith has reached an agreement with the 49ers.  This announcement should be welcome news for 49ers fans because if Smith decided to leave, the only quarterback under contract would have been Colin Kaepernick and he would be starting his second season in the NFL.

It still wouldn’t be surprising if the 49ers also brought in free agent Josh Johnson a free agent who played college football under the leadership of Harbaugh and that move would create competition for the backup quarterback spot.

The 49ers can look to add a wide receiver in the draft even with the two free agent signings that were made. Another weakness the can be improved upon would be the offensive line, which allowed 44 sacks last season. That alone was one of the biggest reasons why Manning would not have been a good fit.

With Randy Moss and Mario Manningham being signed, Smith should also be looking to improve on his numbers from 2011 that were career highs. As Kris Hughes mentions with the 49ers strong running game and also with two of the biggest needs being upgraded. The 49ers certainly should remain the favorites to win the NFC West title in 2012.


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