Video: Brittney Griner Dunks In NCAA Tournament Game

Brittney Griner can do incredible things on the basketball court. The Baylor Lady Bears center is the best player in the nation and Tuesday night, she added something special against the Florida Gators.

Griner became only the second women to dunk in a NCAA Tournament game. The one handed flush drove the crowd into a frenzy, as Baylor began to pull away from Florida.

Baylor ended up with a 76-57 win. Griner herself finished with 25 points, nine rebounds, and six blocks. Not exactly a bad night at the office for the junior center.

I know it’s not feasible, but it would be interesting to see Griner on the court with the men at some point. Her height wouldn’t be an issue, but she would probably get thrown around in the paint. However, I think she would be able to hold her own for a little bit.

How demoralizing did that dunk have to be for Florida? You know you have no chance to stop it. Then again, I bet a couple players stopped and watched in awe. Dunks in women’s games aren’t exactly common.

Thanks to ESPN for the video.