ESPN Erroneously Retweets From a Fake Adam Schefter Account That Tim Tebow was Going to the Jacksonville Jaguars

By Johnny Machurek

Well it’s offical Tim Tebow is offically a member of the New York Jets, but hopefully you weren’t fooled by a ESPN tweet above.  Apprentely the World Wide Leader in Sports didn’t notice the account was a parody acount of Adam Schefter.

I noticed the tweet and thought it was weird since everyone said he was with the Jets.  ESPN quickly pulled the tweet down, that was hilariously labeled it as ‘BREAKING NEWS.’

Looks like another case of trying to be the first people to break a story, as it seems we haven’t learned anything from the Joe Paterno death reports.  All ESPN had to do was look at the Twitter name as Adam Schefter’s reads @AdamSchefter.  Even I quickly saw that something didn’t read right when I saw @AdarnSchefter.

Even more to the fact his bio read “Often confused with the inferior AdaM Schefter. Fake information. This is a fake account. Breaking fake news. Just trolling America.”

Have to say this is great for him and surely got him a ton more followers.  He is celebrating the fact he pulled one over on ESPN.

[blackbirdpie url=”!/AdarnSchefter/status/182634107157745665″]

Celebrate this victory sir, as I am sure ESPN will not fall for this again. It now seems that ESPN is apologizing to everyone for the false report.

[blackbirdpie url=”!/SportsCenter/status/182638327617429505″]

At least ESPN is owning up to it and not just pretending it didn’t happen.  I think it would be a little hard anyways as I assume I am not the only who saved this tweet.

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