Former New Orleans Saints Tight End Jeremy Shockey Attacks Warren Sapp on Twitter for Being Called Snitch in Bountygate

By Johnny Machurek

NFL Network analyst and former NFL player Warren Sapp said earlier said he knew he heard who the snitch was in Bountygate involving the New Orleans Saints.  He said it was former Saint and current Carolina Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey.

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If this is true Shockey did a great job protecting himself weeks ago when he tweeted this (Some of the following contain some profane language so if you are offended please advert you eyes):

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Upon either being informed by someone on Twitter or seeing it himself, he decided to tweet back to Mr. Sapp.

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It seems after this Shockey couldn’t leave well enough alone and kept on the offensive (see what I did there?).  He kept tweeting after that.

Someone showed some support for Shockey, to which he is responding to:

The tweet that was suppose to be here but it was deleted while I was writing this article.  “It read ‘Thx!!! F— em all and Sapp you know where to find me.”

Looks like Jeremy is challenging Sapp to a fight, which I would love to see.  Something about me loves a good feud and especially on Twitter so I can keep track.

It looks like Sapp isn’t going to engage himself in anymore Tweets with Shockey, I think he feels he made his point and doesn’t need to go any further.

This would actually be interesting if Shockey is the snitch, because of the University of Miami connection.  Him and Jonathan Vilma were teammates at the ‘U’ and good friends as well.  I couldn’t see Shockey snitching on one of his good friends.

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UPDATE: 5:18 EST 3/21/12

Shockey is still on Twitter and tweeted this :

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I figured he was done after that, but he retweeted this that someone sent him:

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