Photo: Tim Tebow New York Jets Trading Card

By Riley Schmitt

It hasn’t taken long for the New York Jets and their fans to embrace Tim Tebow.  After a day where everyone just wanted to know where Tebow was going to play next year, he has finally settled in as an official member of the New York Jets.

Thanks to some quick thinking individuals, we have the first visual mockup of a Tim Tebow trading card, in Jets form.  This card is actually pretty sharp looking and hopefully an actual version will look similar to this.

It’s been said numerous times over on this site.  No one is exactly sure how Tebow will adapt to New York.  The paparazzi could destroy him before he even finishes one year.  The pressure to take the starting quarterback job could overwhelm him.

Knowing Tebow, he is looking forward to the new challenge of playing in a new spot.  New York certainly isn’t Florida, but you could do worse for a location.  The fans are rabid and they know their football.  Tebow might find some doubters, but his supporters will also be right behind him.

I look forward to the new era of Tebowmania.  He can certainly add a new dynamic to the locker room.   Personally, I’m hoping for a Jets version of Hard Knocks.  Tebow in the Jets locker room would be ratings gold.  The cast of characters on the roster would be must see television.

Tebowmania might knock off Linsanity as New York’s hottest ticket.  The headlines will be fast and furious, and Rant Sports will cover them all.

Thanks to Albert Breer for the photo.

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