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Video: Joe Namath Rips New York Jets for the Tim Tebow Trade

New York Jets legendary Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath took to the airwaves on the Michael Kay Show to publicly denounce the apparent trade of  Tim Tebow to New York.

Namath said he was he wasn’t sure if the Jets management actually had any idea what they were doing. He also said he was “stunned” and “shocked” when he heard the news about the Tebow joining the Jets for a couple of draft picks.

Namath. who led the Jets to their one and only Super Bowl title said he doesn’t agree with the move and even went as far as to call it “a publicity stunt.”

Namath has had his fair share of embarrassing moments, but he is still a legend in New York and when he talks people should listen, especially when it comes to the franchise he put on the map.

Whether Tebow ends up playing for the Jets or not is still in question but there is no denying that if the deal is indeed approved, it will be hotly contested for years to come.

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