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Arizona Diamondbacks’ Prospect Adam Eaton Gets Paychecks Intended for Other Adam Eaton

Generally, it’s better to be lucky than good. And in the case of Arizona Diamondbacks‘ prospect, Adam Eaton, it’s better to have a name of a former baseball player than having a normal name. According to the Arizona Republic, prospect Eaton received paychecks intended for the former pitcher, Adam Eaton.

While prospect Eaton was sitting in the clubhouse, he received six paychecks that were worth $20,000 a piece. I’m sure Eaton thought he was being punked, or on a hidden camera show like the Saved by the Bell gang when they wanted U2 tickets. However, the checks were legitmate. They just weren’t for him.

Eaton’s teammate, Cody Ransom, helped him solve the mystery:

Cody’s like, ‘Those aren’t yours, I’m like, ‘What do you mean they aren’t mine? They’re in my name.’ He goes, ‘That’s the other Adam Eaton. Do you live there?’ It had the address on the front. ‘No.’ I go, ‘Do I have to give them back?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah. You have to give them back.’ I thought it over and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’ve got to give them back.’”

I think the most depressing part of this story is pitcher Eaton earned $120,000 for being completely useless. The pitcher Eaton was a huge dud with every team he ever played for. His career ERA+ of 84 is something the prospect Eaton could accomplish, even though he isn’t a pitcher. Also, I’m betting that prospect Eaton didn’t cut himself opening up a DVD like pitcher Eaton.