Photo: New York Jets LB Bart Scott Does His Best Tim Tebow, "Tebowing" with the Jet Wings Out

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Less than 24 hours since the Denver Broncos officially sent their polarizing quarterback Tim Tebow over to the New York Jets, the ramifications of Tebowmania in New York are already being felt.

Some Jets fans have already been spotted out in the wild with Tebow jerseys, and the “Tebowing” craze has extended to everyone from JetBlue airlines employees to fans pranking Jets coach Rex Ryan himself.

The Jets have their own signature move however, which is their “flight boys” gesture, where players celebrate with their “jet wings” out, arms extended after a big play or a big win.

Back when Bart Scott made his famous “can’t wait” speech back in January of 2011, he demonstrated perfect form of the jet wings out flight boy celebration.

But take a look at the video, from about 0:04 to 0:06 in the clip, as Scott lands his Jet plane and dare I say, nearly Tebows a full year before Tebowing was ever a thing?

Of course, this is all in jest. Players have knelt down to pray and even not to pray for years before Tebowing became a trendy thing to do.

But hey, maybe Scott was onto something. Jet wings out, Tebowing while paying homage to the New York Jets. Maybe Scott was a accidental trendsetter. Only one way to find out!


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