Report: Penn State's Jerry Sandusky Labeled a "Likely Pedophile" in 1998

By Bryan Lutz

The case of former Penn State defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky, takes another wicked turn today. According to a MSNBC report, Sandusky was labeled as a person who has tendencies of a pedophile by a psychologist in 1998.

The psychologist, Dr. Alycia A. Chambers, was apart of a 1998 police investigation that was looking into Sandusky for a previous incident. The incident involved Sandusky showering and bear-hugging a younger boy. When Chambers spoke publicly with NBC News for the first time, she had this to say:

“There was very little doubt in my mind (Sandusky) … was a male predator, someone that was in the process of grooming a young man for abuse. I thought…my report was strong enough to suggest that this was somebody who should be watched.”

So let’s get this straight – Sandusky, who is obviously the scummiest of scum that scum could be, had an investigation FOR THE EXACT SAME THING that Mike McQueary saw four years later? Are you kidding me, Penn State?

According to the testimony, Penn State’s legendary coach, Joe Paterno, wasn’t aware of the 1998 incident involving Sandusky. As soon as Chambers learned about the investigation at Penn State last year, her heart sunk, knowing what was probably going to happen:

I was horrified to know that there were so many other innocent boys who had their hearts and minds confused, their bodies violated. It’s unspeakable.”

Unspeakable. That’s an ironic word choice for the incident involving Penn State. Because of Joe Paterno wasn’t unspeakable about the incident in 2002, they might have saved some innocent boys from the predator that is Jerry Sandusky.

Another sad detail from the case is that Chambers’ report was never seen by an investigator in the 1998 incident. The investigator, Jerry Mauro, had this to say when he learned about the report:

“Wow! This is the first I’ve heard of this. I had no idea . If I would have seen the report, I would certainly have done some things differently. Boy, this is a shock. “

Who runs the police over there? Barney Fife?

If you want to read more about the case, MSNBC has it here.

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