Video: Diego Maradona Somersaults After Missed Shot

By Riley Schmitt

If you wanted to see an overweight soccer coach due a somersault, you came to the right place.  Argentine legend Diego Maradona is the coach of Al Wasl.  Although his team recorded a 4-1 win over the Emirates Club, a missed goal lead to a great reaction from Maradona.

Maradona decided to show off his gymnast skills and did a somersault out of frustration.  Although he’s a bit past his prime, it wasn’t a half bad somersault.  I’ve seen athletic college kids have worse attempts.

It has been rumored that Maradona is only coaching Al Wasl for money, but I don’t think he would be somersaulting in frustration by a missed goal when his team won by three.  Then again, there could be a bonus for goals scored that I have no idea about.

Hopefully Al Wasl can keep up their winning.  Not because I care one way or the other, but because there could be more awesome reactions from Maradona.  You really can’t find much better entertainment than that.

Thanks to the Big Lead for the video.

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