Former NBA Star Dennis Rodman Broke, Sick and Facing Jail Time?

By Steve Palumbo

Former NBA champion and self-proclaimed bad boy, Dennis Rodman could be headed to jail for failing to pay child support to his ex-wife.

Court documents filed in Orange County, CA, describe the 51-year-old ex-basketball star as “sick” and  “broke.” He could spend  up to 20 days behind bars for  failing to pay spousal and child support in excess of $800,000.

Dennis Rodman’s attorney’s say that Rodman is barely capable of supporting himself, let alone the $5,000 he has for one child from another relationship, and the $4,500 monthly payment for spousal and child support to Michelle Rodman.

In fact Rodman is not even paying his attorney’s who have decided to take on the case pro bono.

The two-time NBA all-star has faded from the limelight since retiring from the Dallas Mavericks after the 1999-2000 season. However, he didn’t totally disappear from the public eye. Rodman has made several appearances of reality TV, most notably the “Celebrity Apprentice” and “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.”

It is believed that Rodman is struggling with alcohol addiction and failed business endeavors but his representatives claim he is not completely broke and has been paying his ex-wife what he can afford.

“Even the wealthiest celebrities in the world would not be ordered to pay $50,000 a month, and while Rodman hasn’t been able to make payments of that amount, it is absolutely untrue that Mr. Rodman failed to pay child or spousal support. Mr. Rodman has always provided support to his family to the best of his ability and will continue to do so,” said Rodman’s attorney.

I enjoyed Rodman’s days as a Laker. It’s a shame how far he’s fallen. When I saw him leave the Apprentice because of his drinking problem, I knew things weren’t going to end well for him.

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