VIDEO: Cleveland Browns Fan Reacts to Season Ticket Payment Request

Long-time Cleveland Browns season ticket holder, and stand-up comedian, Mike Polk Jr. decided to have a little fun with his favorite franchise when asked about when to expect an initial payment on his 2012-2013 season tickets.

He goes on to elaborate on his excitement about the team’s “flurry of free agent activity” and the signing of Frostee Rucker, whom he mistakenly believed to be a NASCAR driver.

Polk made the decision to enclose $2 for the first two pre-season games he was forced to purchase and opted out of the final two games of the season because his tickets are worth as much as two Camel Menthol cigarettes.

It is, after all, a rebuilding year for his checking account, and the Browns know just what rebuilding and being patient should mean to their fans.

Mike Polk Jr. is a stand-up comedian, and obviously this video is intended to be satire and a play on his “excitement” about the Browns’ prospects next season.

As we know, this isn’t the only time Mike Polk has expressed his frustration with the Cleveland NFL franchise’s constant, and never-ending struggles to consistently hilarious effect.

You have to respect his sense of humor in spite of the thousands he has spent on his favorite team.

As a Chicago Cubs fan, I can totally sympathize.

You are a factory of sadness!


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