Video: Tim Tebow Ghostbusters Spoof

By Riley Schmitt

If you ever wanted to see Tim Tebow’s head cropped onto a walking version of the Statue of Liberty, I don’t know what is wrong with you.  But if you were looking for such a thing, we have you covered.  Thanks to the people over at Bar Stool Sports, we have evidence of what a Tim Tebow Ghostbusters spoof would look like.

I mean, the matching of the faces and the lines is just perfect.  Tebow is pretty much the new symbol for hope in New York.  New York Jets fans look to him to bring excitement to their team, along with a win or two.  Nothing wrong with that.

There’s also nothing wrong with Ghostbusters.  What a fantastic movie.  If you can add Tebow to Ghostbusters, you have a guaranteed box office hit.  That thing would outsell the Hunger Games before you could bat an eye.

Remember that when you write your next screen play.  Tebow + anything = cash.  Replace anything with Ghostbusters though.  Come through for the good of America and do what is right.

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