Jose Canseco Twitter Killed Al Gore

By Riley Schmitt

[blackbirdpie url=”!/JoseCanseco/status/185142483959812096″]

If you don’t follow Jose Canseco on Twitter, you are missing out on some of the best quotes ever.  Wednesday seemed like any other day until Canseco started a rant on global warming.  Canseco ended the rant by telling Gore to rest in peace and that he missed him.

Oh Jose.  You need to check Wikipedia before you post that the Al Gore is dead.  Now both of them are trending on Twitter and the Internet community is having one heck of a laugh about it.

This is why Twitter is so great.  Random things like this can happen at a moment’s notice.  For every fake celebrity death that starts trending, there are awesome tweets like this.  Canseco has turned his Twitter account into a must follow, no matter what you think of him.

Just for this, someone needs to give Canseco a tryout.   I don’t care how many steroids he has done, he needs to be back in pro baseball for the good of everyone.  Who else can provide us such great updates about global warming and Al Gore?

Save the bears, Jose.  Save the bears.

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