Video: LeBron James Wears Wig, Sings Super Freak By Rick James

By Riley Schmitt

Who said LeBron James doesn’t have a sense of humor?  Tueday night,  James donned a wig and sang some Rick James.  James won the crowd over with his rendition of Super Freak.

I never knew that LeBron would be this willing to put himself in an odd situation.  He really let go and had a great time with it.   The wig was a great touch too.  Really put him in touch with the flow of the song.   Doesn’t quite have the rhythm of Rick James, but he gave it a good effort.

I’m glad that someone thought enough to take a video of this.  As far as athletes singing go, this is actually not too bad.  I’ve certainly heard worse, especially when NBA players decide to release rap CDs.

Maybe LeBron can turn this into a charity boom.  Make a CD of him singing versions of all sorts of popular songs.   It’d be an easy way to win good PR and make some money for charity.  Plus, he needs to be wearing wigs in all of his songs.   That makes it even better.


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