Reds Slugger Joey Votto is the Latest Athlete to Have a Cereal Named After Him

By Steve Palumbo

When you average 25 homeruns and 100 RBI’s a year it’s only natural that you eventually find your face on a box of yummy delicious cereal. Just ask Cincinnati Reds slugger and 2010 National League MVP Joey Votto.

Votto has attached his name to a box of cereal that will only be sold at Cincinnati-area Kroger stores. The name of the cereal was derived from the baseball players name itself, “VottOs” will be available for Reds fans tables soon.

Perspective cereal buyers may want to clear out their old boxes of “OchocincOs,” a toasted oat cereal named after former Bengals wideout. Why? Because according to, they are the same cereal, but with new packaging.

Votto is definitely not the first athlete to ever have his face on the cover of a cereal box named after him. Several other athletes have had their name attached to cereals or other consumer products in the past.

Here are a few of the more notable ones…

  1. OchocincO’s – I already mentioned these.
  2. Verlander Flakes – Named after Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander
  3. The Chipper Bar – Named after Braves third baseman Chipper Jones
  4. Warner’s Crunchtime – Who could forget Kurt Warner’s yummy cereal?
  5. Buckeye HerOes – A cereal named after a whole foot ball team…
  6. Melo Bar – Carmelo Anthony? I bet it only tastes good when it wants to.
  7. The Moose Bar – My favorite, named after former Yankees pitcher Mike Mussina.
  8. Pete Rose Supercharg’r – Pete Rose was big in this stuff. He was a great self promoter.
  9. Big Ben’s Beef Jerky – Something really iron about Ben Rothlisberger’s entry into the food market.
  10. Jagr Butter – This just sounds nasty. No Thanks Jaromir.
  11. Shaq’s Mr Big – I’m not sure I would want to be caught eating Shaq’s Mr. Big.
  12. Flutie Flakes – Very popular at the time, named after Doug Flutie. Also the only one of this list that I’ve eaten.
  13. Manny Ramirez and Sum Poosie – Wow, does Manny Ramirez every do anything normal?
  14. Carson Palmer Hot Dogs – I wonder if those will taste good on the bench in Oakland?

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