VID: Jack Blankenship AKA Alabama Face Guy Running For Alabama President

By Riley Schmitt

Jack Blankenship was the breakout star of the college basketball season.  No, he wasn’t dominating on the court or becoming an All-American.  Blankenship is better known as the Alabama Face Guy or the guy who distracts shooters with a giant cut out of his face.  It’s not his normal face, but the oddest looking face that you will ever see.

Blankenship isn’t satisfied with distracting shooters.  He’s now running for the president of the University of Alabama.  Seriously.  The kid wants to run the school.  Not only is that awesome, it’s one of the coolest ideas that I have heard of in a long time.

This video is one of the best things ever too.  If an actual presidential candidate made this type of video, they would win the general election in a heartbeat.  If you don’t enjoy this video, I seriously doubt that you have a sense of humor.  It’s witty and he has a lot of good ideas.  Banning Nickelback might be one of the best platforms that has ever existed.

So if you are an Alabama student, support The Face.  Not only is he a national star, he hates Nickelback.  Do you really want to ask for more from a president?

Thanks to Bar Stool Sports for the video.

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