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VID: Ole Miss Hitting Coach Eats Fire Before Baseball Games

This is most certainly the oddest pregame ritual that I have ever seen.  Cliff Godwin, one of the assistant coaches on the Ole Miss baseball team, happens to enjoy a meal before games.  This isn’t your typical meal, considering Godwin happens to enjoy fire.

Yes, you read that right.  Fire.  Godwin is a flame eater and it’s part of his pregame ritual.  I’m not sure if he’s awesome or if he’s borderline insane.  I would probably guess a combination of both.  I have heard of weird pregame rituals before, but this is probably the most dangerous.  Eating fire is not what we call a safe habit.  in fact, I think we can safely call it an extremely dangerous habit.

As long as Ole Miss plays good baseball, I am sure that this habit will stick around.  If they start struggling, I would probably advise Godwin to find something different.  An upset guy attempting to eat fire would probably not end well for anyone involved.  High risk of burns and disappointment.

Thanks to Sharapova’s Thigh for the video.