VID: POI All Star Game Alley Oop Off Of Opening Tip

I am almost at a loss for words on how to describe this play.  In a basketball game, the team in white wins the tip and decides to lineup in a football formation.  They snap it to a guy and he takes a few dribbles.  He then throws the half court alley oop for the first basket of the game.

This took place at the POI All Star Game.  I’m not sure if this was rehearsed beforehand, but it looks awesome.  It is one of the coolest plays that I have ever seen.  It’s just a perfect way to get fans interested right from the get go.

Whoever came up with this play is a genius.  It is that good.  I have never seen anything resembling that.  It’s too cool.  The football formation was just awesome.  It was perfectly run and even had some motion.  That takes serious dedication to the craft.

Outside of this clip, I have no idea about the POI All Star Game.  However, this looks like something that we all need to watch.  It could be the most entertaining all star game in the history of all star games.  At least it’s better than the Pro Bowl, but that does not take much.