PIC: Washington Redskins Fans Can Purchase Robert Griffin III Thong

I know that some football fans are diehard, but this product is truly for the craziest of the Washington Redskins fans.  Thanks to Black Sports Online, we have this photo of a Robert Griffin III thong.  Seriously.  A RG3 thong.  If you love Griffin that much, you can wear him downstairs.

I think this is a little bit extreme, but who am I to judge?  All sports fans do crazy things at some point.  A lot of us are superstitious and do weird things that we think control the outcome of the game.  Sitting in the same spot, wearing the same jersey, etc. etc.  None of those things matter, but that is what makes sports fun.

I’m not sure how well this well sell, but who knows?  It might not be limited to just female Redskins fans.  There is a lot of crazy guys out there as well.  They might want everyone to know how much they support the franchise and their future quarterback.   It is really weird, but not exactly out of the realm of possibility.

If you have ever seen anything as weird as this, please let us know.  I know there is some weird team clothing out there, but this pretty much takes the cake.  A RG3 thong.  I thought I saw some crazy things in my life, but I guess there are more out there.

Think if the Indianapolis Colts take RG3 now.  That kind of ruins the business model for this product.  Wonder if they thought of that?