Ryan Leaf's Need for Pain Killers Lands Former NFL Quarterback in Jail Again

By Steve Palumbo

Former NFL quarterback Ryan leaf appears to be trying to spend more time in jail than he did playing professional football.  Leaf was arrested Monday on suspicion of burglary and possession of drugs for the second time in four days.

Leaf was nabbed again after allegedly committing a second burglary two days after posting bail on similar charges. Last week he was booked on suspicion of breaking into a friend’s home to steal prescription painkillers.

Now the embattled former San Diego Chargers QB is facing a new set of burglary charges, including theft and two counts of criminal possession of dangerous drugs.

Leafs was out of jail on a $76,000 bond after being booked into county jail last Friday.

Leaf is only in the second year of a 10-year probation sentence he received after pleading guilty to previous drug charges. Now it looks as though he may be spending a significant amount of time behind bars and in all honesty it’s probably the best place for him.

Leaf was once a promising young quarterback when drafted second overall in 1998 by the Chargers out of Washington State, but a series of immature acts while in the NFL and a lack of work ethic quickly spelled his demise. Looks like things haven’t been much better for him in since then.

Leaf released the following statement on Friday after his first arrest, but in hindsight it seems rather in-genuine.

“I’ve made some mistakes, and have no excuses,” Leaf said. “I am using the tools I’ve learned to move forward rather than backwards, and will be open to talking about the details in the days to come. I am confident that there will be further understanding when the facts are revealed, and feel very blessed for all of the support, especially from my friends and family.”

It’s sad to see a life thrown away in this manner. I truly hope he can get his life straightened out and beat his obvious drug problem.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this our last time havingto write about Leaf’s legal problems.

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