VIDEO: The Fray Butchers National Anthem At National Championship Game

By Riley Schmitt

Monday night is always the best night in college basketball.  The Kentucky Wildcats and Kansas Jayhawks were set to do battle for the national championship.  Before that, The Fray stepped in to sing the national anthem.  To say it was not well received is putting it lightly.

It was such an odd rendition that no one knew what to think about it.  It was universally panned on Twitter, which tends to hate everything.  However, they are right on about this.  It makes me smile that we all could come together to share in our hate in this version of the anthem.

The anthem is not easy to sing.  It’s not.  It’s a great song when sung right, but it’s not easy to do so.  Only a select few can own the anthem.  The best bet is to just sing the anthem and get it over.  The worst thing you can do is try to put your own spin on it.

Marvin Gaye did it best.  The Fray are not Marvin Gaye and they will have to deal with the blowback from this for a long time.

Thanks to Sportsgrid for the video.

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