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Photo: Jeremy Lin Merchandise 90% Off in New York City

With a season-ending meniscus tear which will require surgery, New York Knicks overnight-sensation Jeremy Lin– and the phenomenon of “Linsanity” which surrounds him– have come to an abrupt halt.

As Jeremy Lin’s play has cooled, and the Knicks are again in danger of missing the NBA playoffs, Linsanity has done the same.

It probably hasn’t helped that Tim Tebow is now the newest hot ticket in the Big Apple, with the new phenomenon of “Timsanity” in its early phases.


A few New York-area retail stores have gotten the hint, and have now deeply discounted Jeremy Lin merchandise in a last-ditch effort to make a few more bucks off of it before it becomes worth next to nothing.

This has to be a nightmare from a business perspective for businesses to both try and capitalize off of these quick phenomenons, figure out when/if they are going to dissipate or taper off, and accordingly, know how much merchandise to keep on shelves or get rid of when the time is right.

It’s all a matter of timing, I suppose, and the New York area drug store you see in the picture has decided to pull the trigger and discount a few Lin bumper stickers at 90%.

Can’t blame em I guess.

Anyone would rather be on the front side of the wave in these types of situations than on the backside.

Linsanity meet Timsanity.

And the page turns.

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