Video: ‘Don’t Blame Steve’ By: Chicago Based Rapper And Chicago Cubs Fan, Serengeti

By Eric Haftel

We all remember the infamous, Steve Bartman. The most loyal of all Chicago Cubs fans does what any other fan would do and is tortured for eternity.

They even made a movie about him called, Catching Hell. It was all about the Steve Bartman moment in game 6 of the 2003 NLCS between the Chicago Cubs and Florida Marlins.

Honestly, Bartman is still just about the worst curse word that you could say in Wrigley, even today.

I am truly hoping that Cub fans begin to forgive and forget. I am not alone in this though,

Chicago based rapper, Serengeti, is with me.

Check out his new music video for his song, Don’t Blame Steve:

Let’s share this and begin to allow Bartman to live his life and maybe even return to Wrigley.

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