VIDEO: Baseball Brawl Between Yuba City And Del Campo

By Riley Schmitt

Normally nothing of consequence happens in a baseball brawl.  People come out of the dugout, mean mug at each other, and everything calms down.  No one told the Yuba City junior varsity team when then went nuts with Del Campo.

This brawl is just ugly.   No one tried to break it up, people are swinging left and right, and parents and fans are encouraging it.  This was a glorified blood sport.  It’s awful no matter how you look at it.  Who wins in a situation like this?  No one.

According to sources, both teams had been “jawing” at each other throughout the game. But the melee occurred in the sixth inning after the Del Campo first base coach made comments to the Yuba City dugout and pitcher Jaylon Deas. Deas then turned and threw the ball from the mound at the coach. The ball missed the coach, but Deas charged the coach and benches cleared.

Due to that little fire starter, the Yuba City team is on hiatus for good reason.  No need to let the kids play when they are THROWING THE BALL AT ANOTHER COACH.  That is so bush league.  The coach has no room to talk since he was jawing at a high schooler.  Come on people, did we forget the decency of society?  There are still norms and rules.  You can’t turn everything on its head.  Rules separate us from the animals.

I bet the animals are shaking their heads at this.

Thanks to Deadspin for the video.

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