Ryan Seacrest Will Join NBC's Primetime Olympics Coverage

By Riley Schmitt

NBC has bolstered their coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London by adding Ryan Seacrest to the fold.  Seacrest is one of the best known television personalities in the world and he will surely bring in some viewership to the peacock network.

This makes perfect sense since E! is part of the NBC family of networks.  This allows them to get one of their better known faces more exposure during the Olympics.  This could also drive some traffic over to E! if people like what they see or hear.

Seacrest announced this news on the Today show on Wednesday.  I expect Seacrest to be a big part of the coverage.  He has a great sense of humor and should bring a lot of talent to the coverage.  The Olympics are the biggest event of the summer, so you need to get all the talent you can out in front of the public.

I expect a lot of sports people don’t want Seacrest near the Olympics, but who really cares?  He will bring viewers and he won’t take away anything from the broadcast.  He might not add a whole ton but he won’t hurt it at all.  That’s basically all you can ask for in a television personality.

I’m not a big Olympics guy, so Seacrest won’t affect my viewing either way.  NBC is hoping that he can help drive in some of the female demographic.  It’s a smart move that could pay big dividends for the network down the road.

Thanks to Yahoo for the story.

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