An Ode To The Mountain West Sports Network

By Chris Hengst

The Mountain West Sports Network goes off the air May 31st and before it does, there’s time to savor a station many of you have never seen.

Servicing the Mountain West athletic conference since 2006, the channel (referred to without a hint of irony as “the mtn”) has remained flexible considering the rapid departures and arrivals of its member schools.

Currently the makeup of the conference is: Air Force, Boise State, TCU, Colorado State, UNLV, New Mexico, San Diego State and Wyoming.

With TCU headed for the Big 12 in July and San Diego State and Boise State exiting in 2013, the Mountain West will add Fresno State, Nevada and Hawaii.

This ballyhoo of musical chairs doesn’t even take into account the rumored merger or alliance between the Mountain West and Conference USA.

But enough realignment, it dominates far too many college football headlines. Onto the station itself and a typical day watching a production that sports fans will miss. If I’m not mistaken (I am) the saying goes, “better to have had the mtn and lost it than to never have had it on your cable plan at all.”

Highlights from Thursday, April 5th:

12:00-1:00 am: Mountain Sports Report presented by Dodge

I can only imagine this constitutes three minutes of highlights followed by fifty seven glorious minutes of the broadcasters asking the ball carrier, “THAT THING GOT A HEMI IN IT?”

1:00-6:00 am: Paid Programming

Knives, ShamWow, Lose 140 pounds in 6 days, etc.

7:00-7:30 am: Mountain West Rivalries

Uh, schools keep leaving. Is that why the show is only a half hour?

9:30-9:45 am: It’s a Numbers Game – Sports Statistics Show

Pop quiz hotshot, how many years does it take for network executives to realize we flipped over the profits to expenses table in our annual meeting?

2:00-5:00 pm: Dallas Baptist at TCU (Baseball)

The Horned Frogs will earn many millions more in revenue in the Big 12 next season. Their Mountain West swan song consists of littering baseball diamonds with “FUMWC” graffiti hits and leaving c-notes at home plate.

5:00-5:30 pm: Ram Sports Magazine

A half hour of Colorado students expressing their eternal hatred for Bradlee Van Pelt.

7:00-8:00 pm: Pro Football Draft Preview


8:00-10:30 pm: Mountain Classics – Football: Wyoming at Boise State

This was a 36-14 blowout. Classic indeed.

Don’t weep too hard for the mtn., Sports Business Daily reports that the CBS Sports Network likely acquires the conference content. That gives the Mountain West a broader audience — three times as many homes carry the CBS channel — but less originality, less mtn (whatever that is).

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