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Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Turns in Captain for Taking Inmate Golfing

A Los Angeles County sheriff’s captain is beeing accused of taking an inmate golfing in Palm Springs to help his ailing swing. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Catalina Island’s Sheriff Captain, Jeff Donahue, who is an avid golfer, was looking for a coach to help his golf game.

So when convicted jewel thief and former professional golfer, Frank Carillo, arrived in his jail house in Avalon after being transferred from Men’s Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles, it seemed like a blessing in disguise.

But, it was Carillo who actually brought the idea of mentoring Donahue up.

“I knew it was a crazy thing to say. But the first thing he said was, ‘Maybe I need a few pointers.’”

Carrillo, 41, was serving two years for stealing various things from golf courses, of all places. He apparently made a living ripping golfers off out on the links. He stole items such as money, expensive Rolex watches and even a Los Angeles Dodgers championship ring. (Yes, the Dodgers used to be good enough to win those things.)

Apparently, several of Donahue’s deputies were none-too-thrilled about their bosses new friend or perhaps they didn’t like golf – anyway – eventually one of them turned the captain in. Deputy William Cordero voiced his concern to the higher-ups and an investigation was opened.

Carrillo tried to defend his action by saying that Sherriff Lee Baca knew about his outings with Donahue, but Baca’s people denied knowing anything at all about the captain and inmate’s bromance.

I find the whole thing odd. I mean if Donahue was so dang good, why the heck did he have to steal from golfers? Why couldn’t he just… I don’t know… charge for lessons?

Mark this under the category of “Dumb and Dumber.”

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