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Video: Oakland Athletics Yoenis Cespedes Does Not Miss This Pitch From Seattle Mariners Jason Vargas

Yoenis Cespedes has now made his debut in Spring Training, Japan and now finally his debut at the O-Co Coliseum for the Oakland Athletics and each time he has made a great first impression at the plate. In his second at-bat at the coliseum he received this offering from Seattle Mariners starting pitcher Jason Vargas and the baseball was crushed.  The baseball landed above the first row of luxury boxes in left field and with the two-run shot it pulled the A’s within a three run deficit at 5-2. According to the A’s broadcast the baseball traveled 462 feet, what made the homerun even more impressive is how far the baseball went  in the heavy air of the coliseum.

In the field Cespedes had two opportunities one in the third inning with the bases loaded and no outs. Chone Figgins was on third and Justin Smoak was at the plate for the Mariners. Smoak hit a fly ball to left center field that Cespedes took charge of over left fielder Coco Crisp. Figgins did not attempt to run on the arm of Cespedes and returned to third base even though Cespedes had trouble with the exchange from the glove to his throwing arm.

The other chance that Cespedes had was with Brendan Ryan at third and Ichiro was also up with the bases loaded in the top of the sixth inning. This time Cespedes got to show off his arm and made a very good throw, yet it was just toward the outside of the plate which allowed Ryan to slide to the inside and avoid the tag of A’s catcher Kurt Suzuki. That run brought the lead Mariners lead back up to five.

Cespedes had three other at-bats two were strikeouts and the other a fly out. Even with the 1-4 performance and the  the A’s likely to lose, the talk will be of the mammoth home run hit by Cespedes.