VIDEO: Tim McCarver Finds Social Networking To Be Very Disturbing

By Riley Schmitt

Tim McCarver is clearly not ready for the Facebook and Twitter generation. During Saturday’s broadcast of a Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers game, McCarver let the world know how he feels about social networking.

“There is nothing in my view that is more disturbing than social networking.  Nothing!” 

Seriously, Tim?  SERIOUSLY?!  I’m fairly certain that there are more disturbing things on the planet than social networking.  How about world hunger or constant wars?  Poverty?  Pink slime?  All of these horrid things in the world and you think social networking is so bad?  I’m in shock, but I suppose that it is Tim McCarver.  He’s said stupider stuff.

This video better go viral.  We need to put McCarver in his place.  Without social networking, I would not be be bringing this post to the masses.  Without Twitter, I would be out of the loop on all sorts of news.  The youth of America doesn’t watch national news or check CNN.  Everything can be found on Twitter and Facebook.  Some of the stuff is crap, but there is some good stuff out there.

Pretty soon McCarver is going to be telling us to get off his lawn.  He needs to relax.  Social networking is here to stay and there is nothing that he can do about it.  His broadcast partner Joe Buck has embraced Twitter and actually has a pretty funny Twitter feed.  McCarver must be upset that he is the constant butt of jokes online.

Thanks to Awful Announcing for the video.

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