VIDEO: President Barack Obama Struggles With Three Point Jumpers

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Even President Barack Obama struggles with his jumper sometimes.  In this video from Sportsgrid, Obama struggled with his jumper before finally connecting with one on his fifth attempt.  That is a measly 20 percent.  No chance of getting to the NBA with those kind of numbers.

Obama kind of has a weird follow through.  I know he’s pretty big on playing basketball, but this is the first time I’ve actually watched him in action.  His hands are interesting to watch.  It doesn’t look exactly normal, but I guess it is kind of effective.  It wasn’t in the video, but it has to work at some point in time.

The biggest question is about how this will affect his campaign.  Does America really want to elect a president that struggles that badly from outside?  I was hoping to see a little bit more consistency out of Obama.  Not exactly going to win people over if you can’t be consistent.

We shall see if Obama’s jumper can improve by the time we get down to crunch time in the election.  That would certainly be more interesting than a debate.  Have him and the Republican candidate shoot jumpers and then answer questions.  Heck, maybe schedule a pickup game between potential Cabinet members.  That would certainly drive the ratings.

Romney (or whoever) versus Obama would be a great way to spike interest in the NBA for the next season.  A one on one game to start the season?  That would be the best news that I’ve heard.