Raphael Davis Arrested for Fighting MMA Bouts While on Workman's Compensation

By Kris Hughes

City of Los Angeles firefighter Raphael Davis also had an interesting moonlight gig as none other than an MMA fighter.

That’s fine for most guys grinding for the spotlight in the MMA, after all, for every Rampage Jackson there are thousands of wannabees.

However, when you are on worker’s compensation for an injury suffered during your “day job” as a firefighter, entering the octagon may not be the brightest idea.

Apparently, Raphael Davis didn’t get the memo.

Davis competed in seven sanctioned MMA and Bellator bouts while receiving worker’s compensation pay from the City of Los Angeles, and could face up to five years in prison if convicted on charges of insurance fraud.

In those seven bouts, Davis went 6-1, but it is unclear what “injuries” he had that would have kept him away from firefighting, but allow him to be able to grind through a mixed martial arts match, much less seven.




You bet your butt– especially given that the majority of MMA bouts (or Bellator bouts) surface on YouTube and other social media sites almost as they end.  In fighting in these bouts, Davis illustrated his insurance fraud at work.


If nothing else, Raphael Davis should be charged a stupid tax for being so arrogant about ripping off the taxpayers of the City of Los Angeles while he made an extra buck on the side.

I’m sure he’ll have a nice time explaining his “freelance” work to a judge in the very near future.

I doubt ignorance will be a valid excuse.

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