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Take A Lap: Lamar Odom is a Quitter

In a not so shocking end to Lamar Odom‘s relationship with the Dallas Mavericks, the two parties came to an agreement Monday to terminate Odom’s season.

All year long this ending seemed more and more inevitable. I was rooting for it not to happen. I told myself that Odom would snap out of it, after all, who can blame the guy for being in shock over being traded? It’s a natural reaction… for the first week.

Get over it Lamar. It’s not like you were traded to the Charlotte Bobcats. You were traded to the defending NBA champions.

What better way to stick it to your former team the Los Angeles Lakers, than to beat them in the playoffs, in route to another title?

I honestly don’t think Odom could have been dealt a better hand. Sure, his preferred hand would have been to stay in Los Angeles. I don’t think there is any doubt Kobe Bryant would agree, but that’s not what happened.

You’d think after the deal fell through for Odom to play for the New Orleans Hornets, that’d he relish a chance just to play for a contender, but no. Odom just couldn’t get over it, averaging career lows in points (6.6), and rebounds (4.2).

Apparently, Odom is giving up on basketball. Clearly he’s lost his love for the game that made him famous. Anyone that had passion for the game, would have been driven by this. Driven to be better than ever, and to show their former team that they made a huge mistake.

As it turns out, Odom is a quitter, who’d rather think of himself than the game that gave him everything. You need no more proof to know that Odom is a quitter, than to look at Derek Fisher.

Fisher was in the exact same boat as Odom, long time Laker, who was traded unexpectedly, and what did he do? He changed his jersey to No. 37, and declared that he was not too old. Fisher became more driven to show he’s still got it, and would love nothing more, than to knock off his old team out of the playoffs. Fisher loves the game, he loves to compete, and he dealt with his situation like a man.

Now I understand it’s Odom’s personal decision, and I respect that. I just don’t like the way he’s handled it.

In what will be a fitting end to Lamar Odom’s respectability, he will return to LA and his wife Khloe Kardashian. Good luck with that one bud…

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