Tim Tebow in Legal Battle with Fan Over the Term "Tebowing"

By Marian Hinton

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you are familiar with the term “Tebowing.” The official definition, however, can be found of the website, tebowing.com-a site dedicated to various photos of the recent pop-culture phenomenon honoring former Denver Bronco and current New York Jets quarterback, Tim Tebow.

“Tebowing”, the site states, is the act of  getting “down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different”

The founder of the site, Jared Kleinstein, is said to be the one who created the term and help perpetuate its popularity. A Bronco fan from Manhattan, he created the site last October when the Tebow craze was at its highest. The site includes pictures of fans Tebowing in places all over the world.  Seeing a great business opportunity to trademark the term for merchandising purposes, Kleinstein filed papers with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the rights to the term.

Two months later, Tebow’s lawyer, Anthony Keats, responded to Kleinstein’s request with a letter of protest, claiming that Tebow is the one who should have ownership of the term, filing an official application for the quarterback’s sole rights to the word.

The case’s examining lawyer at the Tradmark office agreed, and Kleinstein’s request was denied on the basis that his use of the term is a “false connection to a living individual.”

However, the process isn’t finished just yet. Kleinstein has six months to respond to the examining attorney’s letter. If he doesn’t, then his application is dismissed.

Regardless, the chances of Kleinstein’s application getting officially approved are incredibly slim, but he doesn’t care. He just says he has had a great time creating the site and watching it grow. “I’ve been enjoying myself and I’ve been having fun with this process,” he told Newsday. “I wasn’t in this to make money.”


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