Video: Reece Holloway - The One-Handed Little League Star

By Bryan Lutz

Every young kid dreams about being a ballplayer. They might want to be the next Ronaldo in soccer, LeBron James in basketball, but in the case of 6-year old Reece Holloway, he wants to be the next Chipper Jones. Now, it isn’t out of the ordinary for a young boy in Georgia wanting to grow up and be like Chipper Jones, but Holloway isn’t like every other boy. Reece Holloway only has one hand.

Holloway was born without his left hand, but that never stopped his drive in accomplishing all the things that a normal kid does. He learned to crawl, walk, and even hit a baseball by the age of 2. Heck, I don’t even know if I hit a baseball at the age of 2. Reece’s mom had this to say to CNN about her gifted son:

“He got plastic balls and he would hold them under his chin and drop them and swing the bat. And he would hit the ball, no problem.”

Holloway is now on his fourth year of organized baseball at age 6, rocking it with the best of them. And in no way, shape, or form are Holloway’s dreams dashed by his unfortunate disability. Speaking the words of the great American philosopher Lady GaGa when he says “I was born this way”.

Lastly, his mother delivered these motivating words to live by:

“Anything he wanted to do we let him try it. There was no saying ‘No you can’t do that because you only have one hand.'”

We all – or hopefully all – remember the one-handed pitcher, Jim Abbott, when he threw his no-hitter for the New York Yankees. If not, here is Abbott appearing on the greatest teen comedy ever, Boy Meets World. Maybe one day we will see Holloway on the field dazzling the crowd with his great play.

At worst, he could probably make the Boston Red Sox bullpen.

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