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The Case of Michael Cammalleri and the Uber-Cheap Montreal Canadiens

There are certain players who are household names in the NHL: Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin, and the list goes on.

Former Montreal Canadiens forward– and current member of the Calgary FlamesMichael Cammalleri was not one of these household names, but yet a solid professional by all accounts during his two years in Northeastern Canada. A workman-like forward with an occasional flare for goal-scoring, Cammalleri tallied 54 goals over two seasons with the Habs, including the franchise’s 2000th goal.

Regardless, Montreal decided to go a different way with Cammalleri, and made the decision to trade him to the Flames in January. Normally, this wouldn’t be all that strange– trades are trades– however, a request they made post-trade is flat out bizarre.

Montreal demanded that Cammaelleri take off his jersey in the locker room since had been traded to Calgary, and refused to let him keep the jersey as a memento of his time with the Canadiens unless he paid them a $1250 tribute– an amount two times more than what the same jersey would retail for in the Canadiens’ own retail outlets.

Needless to say, Cammalleri declined the Canadiens’ offer to buy back the item, and they kept the jersey. It appears, according to recent reports, that the Canadiens are willing to let the Flames forward now purchase the jersey back at its original retail price of $600.

Well how gracious of them.

While I understand that a jersey could be seen as “team property”, it looks immeasurably cheap for Montreal to take the jersey straight off of Cammalleri’s back and deny him the opportunity to keep it as a part of his personal history.

Sorry Canadiens fans– your team comes off like some serious cheapskates on this one.


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