Video: New England Patriots' Rob Gronkowski Jokes He'll Take New York Jets' Tim Tebow's Virginity

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At a student function at the University of Rhode Island on Thursday, New England Patriots‘ tight end Rob Gronkowski joked about New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow‘s virginity in a video that made its way to YouTube.

When asked by a URI student who he would “Marry, F—, Kill” between Jets coach Rex Ryan, actress/comedienne Betty White and Tim Tebow, the 22-year-old Gronkowski joked that he would “F Tebow to take his virginity.”

Unfortunately, the video ends before Gronk could tell us who he’d marry between Betty White and Rex Ryan, but he did get in quite the jab there.

The 24-year-old Tebow, who was traded to the Jets from the Denver Broncos in March, has become a polarizing player in the NFL due to his unconventional style of play and his openness about his strong religious beliefs.

Among those beliefs, Tebow is required to save himself for marriage and not engage in premarital sex.

For Gronkowski, it was an easy opportunity to crack a joke on his new AFC East rival. Although I’m not sure if it’s Patriots coach Bill Belichick’s style of humor.


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