VIDEO: Trent Richardson To Take Leukemia Patient To Senior Prom

By Riley Schmitt

Former Alabama and soon to be NFL star running back Trent Richardson is known for being a freak of nature.  He will also be known for his kind heart.  Richardson is taking time out of his schedule to take Courtney Alvis, a leukemia patient, to her senior prom.  Alvis’s uncle was the man who made the connection between Alvis and Richardson.

Stories like this make sports that much better.  Richardson doesn’t have to do this, but out of the goodness of his heart, he is going to.  When it comes to sports, we all tend to focus on the trivial things while stuff like this gets passed over.  This story should not be passed over.  It is great to see and I hope that Alvis has the time of her life.

Cancer is an awful disease that tears apart families and lives.  People have to keep fighting the good fight.  It is tough to overcome, but it can be done.  Alvis never gave up on her hope of being able to attend her senior prom and now she gets to go with Trent Richardson.  That is the one of the most incredible things ever.

I hope that Alvis has the disease completely beat and that she will never have to deal with it again.  She’s on the road to recovery and the date with Richardson might just be the cherry on top.  Never a bad thing when you can go to your senior prom with one of your favorite athletes.


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